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Chefʼs Choice

4-Course Menu
Let us surprise you. We serve you a selection of our unique dishes.
| 98.–

the perfect wine pairing to go with it
| 43.–

or the perfect wine alternative from the Obsthof Retter fruit farm, 0.0% 
| 43.–


Evening Special
Special cuts from our sourced organic animals.


A colourful mix of neighbourhood vegetables 
from Pura Verdura with house dressing – vegan 
| 14.– 

Gazpacho verde
a chilled dish with celery stalks, cucumbers, bell peppers and Granny Smith apples – vegan
| 14.–

with homemade bacon from wooly pigs
| 21.–


Beluga Lentil Salad
organic tofu and Sakura sprouts from Umami – vegan 
| 19.– 

Ceviche with Oyster Mushrooms 
served with pickled rhubarb, elderflower and crème fraîche
| 19.– 


Ceviche with Whitefish Fillets from Lake Zurich 
with pickled rhubarb, elderflower and crème fraîche
| 21.– 


Colourful Tomato Salad 
organic buffalo mozzarella, house croutons and fresh basil
| 24.– 

Steak Tartare of Beef
from the Ziegler butchery with cured egg yolk, black garlic and pickled vegetables 
90g or 140g | 26/39.–

Main Courses

Baked Eggplant
with chickpeas, tomato salsa and Chimichurri – vegan 
| 36.– 

Celery Schnitzel
with mashed potatoes, glazed vegetables from Pura Verdura and tartar sauce – vegan 
| 34.– 

Linth corn polenta 
baby carrots, Regio mushrooms and thyme honey  – vegan 
| 34.– 

Organic Tempeh – made with fermented Soy Beans
with grilled apricot, Tabbouleh, fresh herbs and Middle Eastern yoghurt 
| 36.–

Handmade Tagliatelle
bell pepper sugo, rapini and pattypan squash 
| 32.– 

with organic buffalo mozzarella 
| 39.– 

Duo of organic Duck from Malans 
pink seared breast and crispy leg of duck, served with Tabbouleh, grilled broccoli, fresh raspberries and jus distillery
| 58.–


Beef from the Gutsbetrieb Uf-Stocken Farm:

with mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and creamy Seebueb beer gravy 
| 38.– 

Handmade Beef Brasato Tortellini
with pickled cherries, fried artichokes and Belp ball cheese
| 42.– 


Lake Zurich Bouillabaisse
made with the catch of the day from Adrian Gerny, served with Rouille sauce and a homemade brioche bun
| 27/44.– 

Fried Fillet of Salmon Trout
fresh from Bremgartner spring water, served with mashed peas, glazed baby carrots and tarragon espuma
| 43.–

Our service staff will be happy to inform you about today’s special.


with organic silken tofu and Amaretto – vegan
| 14.– 

Panna Cotta with Tonka Beans
with apricot compote and lemon balm
| 16.– 

Blue Duckling
filled with white Toblerone mousse and forest berry coulis 
| 16.– 

Mini Chocolate Brownie
swith sour cream, ice cream and blueberries
| 15.– 

Sorbet and Ice Cream
strawberry / dark chocolate / rhubarb / pistachio / yogurt-sorrel
per scoop  | 5.–

Sternenberger Cheese variation
with Brie, Mutschli and mature hard cheese, served with homemade Chutney and fruit bread
| 18.– 

All prices are in CHF, incl. VAT.
Fish, meat and vegetables are all exclusively sourced in Switzerland. We would be glad to provide further information regarding any ingredients in our dishes which may cause allergies or intolerances.

Our Partners

Bread flour:
ground in the historical mill from 1913 in museum Mühlerama Tiefenbrunnen 

Seasonal vegetables:
Pura Verdura, solidary agriculture in Lengg, Kreis 8 district
Quartierhof Wynegg Farm in Seefeld, Kreis 8 district


Stephan Beeler, Regio Pilz from Oberrieden

Linth corn polenta:
the Bruhin Mill in Tuggen

the Höhn Family from Hirzel

Chäs Hütte in Meierskappel
Cheese Dairy Preisig in Sternenberg

Chicken eggs from the Gut Mädikon Farm in Stallikon

Organic duck:
The Clavadetscher Family, Gallina Farm in Malans

Adrian Gerny, Lake Zurich fish 
Fish Farm Bremgarten

Gabi and Stephan Vetsch-Caretta from the Gutsbetrieb Uf-Stocken Farm
Ziegler Metzg in Zurich

Organic pork: 
the Götsch Family, Waidhof in Seebach

Wooly Pig:
the Gerber Family Chuchimösli in Eschholzmatt